Demo of “Old Skies” time travel adventure game by Wadjet Eye

Dave Gilbert, founder of independent studio Wadjet Eye Games, has officially unveiled his next project: ancient skyA time travel game set in the same universe as unauthorized The crime novel series Blackwell. Take a first look at the new trailer today and head over to it. June 13the date that Demo that can be played on PC It will be available as part of Steam Next Fest.

for fi quinnTime travel is a daily business like any other. Join this ChronoZen time agent for Seven missions With clients who have the desire (and bank account) to go sightseeing in the past.

Some are just curious. Others have unfinished business. And since they’ve all spent a lot of money on the trip, making them happy while making sure they’re playing by the rules is vital. What can go wrong? It’s just a journeyMail in a timely manner, after all.

Old Skies grew up in a game jam in 2019 that Dave attended under the pseudonym. He has since developed the idea into a complete adventure It takes place across seven time periods in New York City, from the Golden Age to Prohibition to the eve of 9/11. The game is being developed for PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Linux.

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