Metz. 600 young people at the work and study fair in Arsenal

“Our aim is to enhance the rotation with this event, explains Emily Philippe, Project Manager at Pays Messin Local Mission. All sectors were represented by about 70 exhibitors, financial and corporate financial analysts.” It is true that there were people at the annual business study fair organized by Hulk, this Wednesday 1Verse June. A total of 600 candidates were pushed through the Arsenal doors.

Recruits are mostly satisfied

“We met dozens of candidates. It was a nice day,” says Alison Paradis, in charge of development and commercial relations at CFA BTP in Montigny-les-Metz. “Compared to recent forums, there are a lot more people,” she asserts, while a virtual reality headset and 3D printer are installed. Dimensions on bearer.optimism shared by Yannick Delice, Franchise Director of, who is recruiting for the first time on a work-study basis.

Others are less satisfied. “We haven’t received a lot of resumes. That’s why I’m standing on my feet to pick up young people,” ENGIE Recruitment Manager Martin Begird attests. Renewable and maintenance or heating engineers.

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Enthusiastic Candidates

In the middle of the lanes, candidates, armed with their resume, move from one platform to the next, introducing themselves to companies and training institutions. Like Thomas Pizziato, 29, a former caregiver, in retraining. Registered with Bac pro Management of Organizations (Agora), looking for a company for the upcoming academic year. “I find it difficult to find higher salaries for work study students my age. But I am still motivated. I went to several companies.”

The desire is even present in Celia Arezki, 22 years old. After receiving a BTS in Commerce (MCO), she wants to reorient herself: “I came with my advisor from the local mission and I’ve already submitted most of my resume.”

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