Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba): The Migliori Tool

I know A demon the killer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) With its Japanese settings, full of secret strokes to the sound of the katana being your daily bread, we are sure this article is for you!

We have picked the best manga making tools for the author Koyoharu Jutuj (Published in Italy by Star Comics). If you’ve climbed “the monkey” for this worldwide record-breaking series, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting themed tools available on the net.

Demon Slayer the best tools

Selected products:

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Starter Pack: 1-5

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

If you do not know the Demon Slayer universe yet but are interested in knowing the adventures of Tanjiro, you can start with a very useful Starter Pack from the first five issues of the Italian-language manga published by Star Comics and then restore them. The other five are still available.

Figures Zero – Tanjero Kamado

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

The first beautiful statue actually available, with a few copies remaining, of protagonist Tanjirou Kamado for the Figuarts Zero Line of Nations Tamashi. This line introduces highly detailed statues in highly dynamic poses while adding landscape effects that decorate the representation.

Figuart Zero – Zenitsu Agatsuma

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

The second statue of Demon Salyer of Tamashii Nations of the Figuarts Zero Line, is dedicated to co-star and adventure buddy Zenitsu Agatsuma. The line features PVC profiles of richly detailed characters with the addition of dioramas that compliment the whole.

Demon Slayer Blu-ray or DVD Season 1 and 2

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

The first two limited-edition Blu-Ray or DVD sets are already available and contain 26 episodes dubbed in Italian that make up the first two seasons of the Demon Slayer series. Waiting for the third season to follow the movie, which is currently popular in Japanese cinemas.

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Tazza in ceramica change color

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

We present to you a beautiful ceramic mug inspired by your favorite series. Its peculiarity? Thanks to the warmth of the drink, you will be able to see the characters of the series appear.

Key chain

Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

We found some really original and inexpensive keychains for you. You can use it however you like for both its basic function and simple assembly.


Demon Slayer: The Best Gadgets

Personalized sweaters for the main characters of the series are not to be missed in your personal wardrobe, to dress up well as the typical costumes of demon killers. Excellent to show off on casual occasions, but the top will be worn during comedic events and exhibitions.

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