MontanaBlack: Streamer doesn’t want to be a millionaire anymore

DrTwitch Marcel “MontanaBlack” star Eris of Buxtehude has impressively proven for years that you don’t necessarily need a cutting-edge concept to get rich as an online streaming player. The man in his mid-30s regularly sits in front of the computer in a white rib shirt, adorned with gold chains and countless tattoos, picturing himself for hours playing, a monologue or simply “relying” on self-irony. Iris sells himself as a bad boy with a rude attitude and he means it that way. Success proves to him the right. He only revealed parts of his income in December 2020 and has spoken clearly about his origins on a live broadcast. In 2019 alone, he said his net sales had surpassed 1.5 million euros. However, he currently has “only” 300,000 euros in his account.

MontanaBlack: “Too Much Money Never Make You Happy”

At every opportunity, Iris shows that he has a lot of money. He just bought a villa and set up a gambler’s room for € 200,000. Among other things, he drives a Lamborghini, wears expensive watches and Pretend Sometimes with large amounts of money in pictures. The situation is clear: Or is Iris enjoying his fortune and fame as Germany’s most successful live-streamer? In the Jessebrush With fellow Twitch xTheSolutionTV, MontanaBlack now surprised her fans with a clear announcement: “Too much money never makes you happy.” There is no new knowledge. But a strange statement from Brutz streamer’s mouth. Iris goes further.

He can also do without his fame

When asked if he could imagine living as a less successful streaming player again, he made it clear that he would exchange XTheSolutionTV with his colleague, who is out of touch, at any time. He himself could have enjoyed having 3,000 to 4,000 more viewers per show than appearing regularly in front of his current followers. How serious he is that such statements remain unclear. If he’s tired of fame and money, it’s okay to step down. Most of all, Iris uses his money to please his grandparents. Nothing makes him happier than buying his grandmother’s new dryer. How it felt when he gave one to his grandmother in 2019 It gave MaseratiNot explained in this context.

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