Desert Auction for Ferrari with four existing examples: No one bought it

Vignell’s Ferrari 340mm Spyder (Photo Sotheby’s)

Real four wheeler jewelry that no one wants to buy at auction. Vignell’s Ferrari 340mm Spyder delights onlookers’ eyes, but even among wealthy vintage car enthusiasts no one feels that way. Pay between 6 and 8 million euros (Opening image) Buy it: With only four copies left, this one is (almost) unique. In Montecarlo on May 14, the car was auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s: one of the most famous reds, As Sotheby’s made clear in hearing the outcome of the negotiations, the protagonist of the desolate auction.

History of the Automobile

This car was delivered in 1953 to upgrade the 340 US It was also developed to compete in the 1953 World SportsCar Championship. The changes made extend the wheelbase by 2.5 meters compared to the previous 2.42 meters. It also allows a car that was already highly competitive to adopt larger diameter rims which was advantageous to increase traction and stability. The 4.1-liter engine, on the other hand, was able to deliver 300 hp. Thanks to its performance, the car won the Mille Miglia, contributing to the 1953 title, while in 1954 winning the 24 Hours of Spa, 1000km Nurburgring and Giro de Sicilia..

It was painted white blue, then red again

The example that was in the auction has been modified by Coach Vignell. Initially painted in dark blue and white, Before Ferrari turns red. Added three louvers on the wheel arches, triangular air intakes on the rear bumpers, a new hood and a new arrangement of exhausts. Model in Question is still a quarter in circulation (in 10 units built) and its impressive estimate varies from 6 to 8 million euros. Born in 1953 in the foothills of the United States, the Ferrari 340mm, which has already won major competitions in the Mille Miglia and the United States, was specially developed to compete in the World Sportscar Championships.

Whose car is it?

The car was newly ordered by California businessman Sterling Edwards, who decided to customize it for Vignell Bodywork.. Famous Coach Builder Car Body Characteristic with Three Slots Positionedui Triangular air intakes are included in the front wheel arches and rear bumpers. Changes include the new hood and the different position of the exhaust. In between The most famous owners of the car are Sherman Wolf, who has owned the car for about 30 years.Entrepreneurs from Boston, over the past decade The car is one of the main attractions of an important American collection. At the same time, the car was the protagonist of famous international events and elegant competitions, cLike Pebble Beach in 2015, during which he won the Bill Hill Cup. This car can compete in any of the historically significant cars like the 1000 Miglia, Le Mans Classic and Cavallino Classic. As stated in the auction announcement, the car is attracting more and more collectors from all over the world. But it is not so.

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