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Pay Day 3 For the tenth anniversary of the series was the centerpiece of a special live broadcast created by Starfree: the publisher took the opportunity to reveal new detailsSetting up ei Personalities Of the game, as well as publish first The art of perception. Here she is:

Payday 3 shows the first concept art characters and layout

As you can see from the picture, the new chapter is set New York And the developers have talked about “the largest, clearest representation of the city”, which suggests an ambitious open-world architecture for Payday 3, presented with a video on E3 2021.

The difference between podcast 2 (review here) and structure is that the mob as the story has become popular, the media is following its exploits, which can lead to unintended consequences.

Payday 3 will be set up several years after the events of the second episode, at the end of which the team members will retire to personal life. Since then, the giants of “software, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance and the dark web” have arrived: all of these elements will play a role in continuity.

Finally, we come to the characters, who are already familiar to us, not the new generation of pirates: Dallas, Hawkston, Chains and the Wolf will return to pick up weapons. Do you want to know more? Here is our Payday 3 Preview.

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