Pokémon GO: Paragoni, Irrbis & Co at Halloween debut

It’s the highlight of the annual Halloween in the popular smartphone title: four eerily cute pocket monsters that have made the leap into the game. For Pokémon trainers, the goal is set by the end of the event on October 31 at 8pm – newcomers must be discovered, captured and developed. It’s not for nothing that “catch them all” has been the top motto since the beginning of the Pokémon era.

Ghost plant organisms are on the rise

It wouldn’t surprise anyone that each of the four new additions is a type of ghost. In addition, they all have the plant type as a second class. This combination has only happened very rarely so far, so it’s possible that even big Pokemon fans have already guessed who the monsters are: it’s Paragoni and its further evolution Trombork and Irrbis and its Pumpdjinn evolution. This horror quad has new game mechanics in its bag.

Pumpkin quiz in the shape of a smartphone

Irrbis, like the less lively species, come in different sizes, which vary with the names S, M, L and XL. Developer Niantic is cleverly engaging with the collector’s spirit in the Pokémon community and has announced a challenge. Irrbis variants of different sizes should be captured in this frame. The more rare – the digital pumpkin hunting season has begun.

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