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Microsoft a Improve FPS boost For topics like Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, but we can already enjoy this new feature Despised the prey. Digital Foundry then analyzed the two games and proposed a new video, which explains all the news.

Digital Foundry remembers running prey on the Xbox One S at 900b and the One X at 1440b. These resolutions are identical to the next gen consoles, Series S and Series X, respectively. All original performance issues are resolved by FBS Boost, however, console. To achieve i 60 FPS With a few glitches in the checkpoints. However, these are only a part of the benefits.

The prey sees some Improvements in input lag. I Uploads They go from one minute and 15 seconds on the Xbox One SI 13 seconds Of the next gen engines. According to Digital Foundry, the only shame is that in the Series S it is stuck at 900p, which makes it clear that the console can do even more.

But let’s talk Insulted limited edition. PS4 and Xbox One port disappointed and Xbox Series X | The S version shows some more issues. The game failed to maintain 60 fps, Due to some interface components that cause glitches. In any case, the progress is huge. The game runs on 1080p on the next gen operating systems parallel to the older gen versions. FBS Boost, Digital Foundry explains, is therefore not only dedicated to improving FBS, but can also affect other components we may find in the case of prey.

Finally, as far as the relationship between Xbox and Bethesda is concerned, exclusively, the development teams will be independent.

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Prey Su Xbox Series X | S.

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