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If you have your new electronic ID card and a phone with an NFC chip, you will soon be able to test the application that allows you to authenticate with online services linked to FranceConnect. Decree was issued in Official Gazette April 27, 2022 sets the regulatory framework for this Digital Identity Assurance Service » Designed to provide a secure way to access your Ameli account, tax file, social rights, etc.

If you have your new National Electronic Identity Card (CNI-e), and a phone with an NFC chip that allows you to read its information, you will be able to test the future application allowing you to securely authenticate yourself to only 1,000 online services that use the FranceConnect identification solution. A beta is available for the first 1,000 beta testers since May 11, 2022.

The regulatory framework for this new Digital Identity Assurance Service (SGIN) defined in a decree published in Official Gazette On April 27, 2022, which specifies the list of data needed for authentication, how long it will be stored, and the categories of people who will be able to access it.

This decree also abolishes previous means of electronic identification called Certified Mobile Internet Authentication (Alicem), which were finally abandoned because they used facial recognition.

Digital ID certified by the new ID card

The application will load the identity information contained in the ID card chip (surname, first name(s), date and place of birth, nationality, gender, postal and email addresses, photo), excluding fingerprints. This information will then allow authentication and connection to the requested services, but you will decide which data you agree to communicate via this application, after entering the PIN code attached to the ID card.

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The service offered will be similar to that offered by FranceConnect, which is already linked to about 1,000 sites and organizations that this application will allow authorized access to. Then, other public or private organizations must also be associated with them.

Planned features

Multiple functions are planned in this application: providing proof of identity (instead of scanning ID cards), power of attorney to withdraw parcels, proof of majority, request for power of attorney to vote, registration in electoral rolls, etc.

New passports and residence permits equipped with a chip will also be compatible with this application, at the end of 2022.

This project has been developed since 2018 by the French Interministerial Digital Identity Program, led by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Agency for Secure Documents. Use of this application will be optional to access the respective services.

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