Discover the singer's family home in a very upscale city.

Amal Bint shared photos of her home in Neuilly-sur-Seine with her followers. Her followers loved the clean and simple interior design.

During her maternity leave, the singer and show coach was… the soundAmal Bint chose to reveal her photos InteriorBy sharing these photos on his Instagram account, fans were able to discover a photo of Family House Warm and welcoming, all with simple, modern decor.

Discovery of Amal Bint's family home

High-end decoration

Amal Bent, who is worried about the passing of time and boredom due to maternity leave, shared some photos of her home in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a town where Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Sarkozy also live. It is a residence with simple decoration And not too busy to be seen by the virtual celebrity community. One interior at a time. Welcoming and warm Where you can see the very modern vases and golden mirrors that add a touch of luxury. At the entrance, we notice the osmanthus candles straight from the Christian Dior collection.

house with character

From the shared photos, we discover a bright interior thanks to the large window that happily lets in sunlight. Living room It features a simple and somewhat futuristic decor. To add a bit of fantasy to her interior design, the 39-year-old singer chose a small model with the word SmilingThese unique details bring… A touch of joy At home. In this magical place you spend happy days with Father Patrick Antonelli and his children.

Details are appreciated by fans.

in between clichés The youngest Zain's room was published, causing a huge stir and succeeding in arousing affection among the star's subscribers. To amplify the comments, she was keen to photograph the baby's small hand. She also revealed her own photos. the bathroom. The room is also decorated in a sophisticated, modern style. Between bubble candles, storage boxes and home fragrances, nothing was left to chance, according to reports. House Magazine.

Happiness awaits you

Through the published photos, we were amazed by the happiness that the little one was breathing. familyAmal is the happy mother of Sophia (8 years old), Hanaa (6 years old) and Zain (2 years old). She has the perfect love with Patrick Antonelli and like Karen Ferry, her family's happiness is a PriorityTo preserve it, they live away from cameras and photographers.

Neuilly-sur-Seine: a city like no other

Celebrity community?

Neuilly-sur-Seine is a commune. French Located in the Hauts-de-Seine district. Home to many celebrities such as Patrick Bruel, Benjamin Castaldi and Sophie Marceau, this piece of paradise located at the gates of Paris is a pleasant place, well equipped with metro lines leading to the capital.atypical atmosphere The climate that prevails in this part of France is a popular destination for celebrities looking for tranquility or to recharge their batteries.

Who is Patrick Antonelli, Amal Bent's husband?

Despite the quiet streets of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Amal Bent's family passed through them. hard momentsIndeed, Patrick, the father of the family, was charged with fraud. However, in July 2022, he was acquitted, just a few months after the verdict. Zain's birththe newest addition to the family.

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