Technique: Playing black over and over again

The Blue Team was more effective near the lines than the clawless Pumas, and was still able to measure the proverbial effectiveness of their offensive animation system in the end zones.

Come on, let's be good players: it was not possible to throw everything away in the Pumas' performance on Saturday in Mendoza. The proof of this is that, defensively, Felipe Contepomi's men were very effective, regularly preventing the Blues from attacking from the outside. It's one of our light Satisfaction points, The new Argentine coach whispered at the end of the match. G'Owns Hassan love What have we done Sometimes, II wish we could do this better. Most of the time. our The defense is very high. very strong, especially A third defender, which prevented the Blues from hitting us in the outer corridors. Granted. Except that by proceeding in this way, the Pumas XV of France “forced” one of their favorite forms of animation, especially since the dominance of the Blues in the ceremony allowed them to regularly enter the “closing zone” (the last twenty meters). To their great delight..

Servat hobby

Obviously we want to talk here about the “black game” that has worked wonders for three years. It is this very special way of working hard in the middle of the pitch, in the axis of the posts, in order to open spaces and bring the ball back to life after contact. “The idea was really to find ourselves around the same rules of the tour in Australia, with the desire to do things veryYes basic, The attackers' coach William Servat confirmed upon his return to the bus. Struggle, first and foremost, but not in any way, trying to put this struggle at the service of our intentions. For several years, we have been telling them certain things about playing in black, attitudes towards clearing, opening doors, etc. And in a match like this, I am satisfied when I see that this work bears fruit. » The evidence? That “The Black Game” led directly to Antoine Frisch's article (46H) having been very close to driving to George Henri Colomb (43H), half a centimetre too short to be levelled. There are two positions where the common point is the activity of hooker Gaetan Barlot, who was already very comfortable in this system during the 2021 tour of Australia. ” againstIt's a long-term job by the staff, which has been paying off for several seasons now, Caster player confirmed. we beingtoIR expectations CoachesWe know that.It is a kind of animation. One of our strengths, So we should not hesitate to do so. Click on it to win matches. » Why deprive yourself of it, eh…

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