Discovery of the largest cycle of Cosmo-

Greek philosophers were right: everything moves, everything changes. In fact panta rei Globally, the cosmos’ largest orbit: the mass of galaxies, hundreds of millions of light-years long but a few million light-years in diameter, cutting through the cosmic network of light and dark objects from space into an (almost) absolute vacuum, which rotates continuously. One proves it The study was published in the journal Natural astronomerY. According to the authors of the study, the filaments of galaxies are the largest known rotating structures in the universe: they are as wide as individual galaxies, explains Potts’ German Leibniz Institute of Astrophysics in Noam Liebeskind. Authors of the study. The rotation in such measurements has not been observed before.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

The research was conducted based on data collected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (STSS) monitoring program and computer simulations. More than 17,000 galaxies were analyzed and the speed of the galaxies was determined to be an elliptical motion and rotating at 360,000 kilometers per hour or 1%. Around the central axis of light, single massive fibers.

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