Notepad, Windows 11 Restore is coming: Here is the new version

Last year Prevention Tips, Classic Windows Text Editor, Return to Microsoft Store. The news made us think that full body updates are coming soon and the first may come soon. Nothing is official yet, but it looks like it works at Microsoft One Stylistic redesign of the app with design elements taken directly from Windows 11.

Prevention Tips Text editor and more basic for Windows operating systems for decades, which represents the best solution for writing your notes. Last week a Microsoft engineer shared some pictures of the new application in development, probably without realizing that he had released important information about the company. After a while, in fact, the images disappeared, but users already noticed some messages related to the user interface.

Notepad, Windows 11 comes with a restoration

Two screen shots were released by FireCube Studios: one showing the other New settings screen In the application with the design of the latest version of Windows, some others Changes to the top menu bar. Systems are also studying the number of developments available to end users today. Don’t worry: Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to revolutionize the notepad based on the two screen shots that have been released, which will be as essential as ever.

It helps Notepad is now the Microsoft Store processorTherefore, the company may decide to upgrade it separately from the operating system. This application is a very simple alternative to OneNote, the most versatile service for taking notes from Microsoft and storing them in the cloud. The company is working on its new version OneNote with Windows 11-style design, And is in the process of integrating the two Windows processors into a single customer by 2022.

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