DJ Molecule’s new project

French DJ Romain Delahaye – better known as Molecule – is causing a stir once again. It had its world premiere last Wednesday, May 18th: a completely thought-controlled music production event live one hundred and four In the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

compound He stands out for capturing the sounds of his musical productions, On site. Staying on a fishing vessel in the North Atlantic Ocean as part of an expedition to Greenland in 2018, a trip to Portugal along with professional surfers to catch the sound of the breaking waves, the artist had already been surprised by installing a sound device of no less than 16 microphones, on board a ship Thomas Royant for the Vendée Globe in 2020. This time, at the Centquatre in Paris, during a private party, the electronic musician performed. During his DJ set, Molecule played his new instrument, By Just Thinking. A futuristic project made possible by The Absolut Company Creation by Pernod Ricard.

How it works ?

The helmet was developed by the French company NextMind, and the musician places it at the level of the visual cortex, just above the neck. The sensors then detect the artist’s neural activity and instantly translate the brain’s signals into digital commands. The result ? The ability to compose music in real time. In front of a giant computer about 3 meters high, Molecule begins to synchronize the device with his eyes. Then he imagines a board – the DJ’s essential tool – whose commands he can manage thanks to thought and sight.

The set offers an alternation between the use of real turntables and virtually controlled music. Constantly in search of creativity, the concept of the molecule aims to give birth to new mechanistic forms.

It took a year for the musician to learn to master this new technology. After a preparatory session at the Motorbass studios for recording in Montmartre with composer and electronic music producer Pedro Winter, Molecule presented its first live Brain Performance Mix to the public on May 29 in Sucre as part of the Festival des sound nights in Lyon. Then we will find the artist in Marseille on June 3 before his big return to Paris to attend Peacock Association Next July 11

Technology at the service of art

This was Molecule’s dream of creating a musical instrument of the future and being able to play it live. It is now over. Constantly connected to the DJ’s brain activity, this speaker consists of electrodes that modulate the sound according to the musician’s focus, mood, or emotions. At the crossroads between home automation and virtual reality, this technology is opening up “Interesting prospects” According to the artist. The relationship between the player and his instrument can be seen de facto Modified because the user is overwhelmed by their own devices. It is enough to give a new impetus to the imagination of artists and push back the boundaries of usual creations.

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The BPM (Brain Performance Mix) project requires multiple skills. Combining an artistic and technical approach, this live broadcast is based on the creation of the interface, the programming and method of capturing new technology, as well as on advanced scenography development. A futuristic machine called “Gil” the DJ wanted to embody: “It’s a machine with a lot of personality and it seems to me that it’s important to give it a human form.”

whether Henri Bergson He asserted that the intelligence conceived in what appears to be the original approach would eventually be the ability to manufacture artificial things, particularly certain tools, and to diversify their manufacture indefinitely. Then it will not only be human sane man meaning of knowledge. It will be gay faber, a technical entity where intelligence will be in the manufacture of its tools. (creative development 1907). A dualistic doctrine the molecule seems to carry also through its creations.

Molecular philosophy? pointing to advertising fame, any technology that knows exactly how to be in the service of art. Something that gives us a glimpse into tomorrow’s music…

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