tall mountains. The Game Festival returns after two years of absence in Vienna

On Saturday, May 28 in the afternoon, at Lake Veynes, a gaming festival organized by the Émile-Meurier Social Center with the help of Ludambule and volunteers from the association.

The Games Festival was part of the World Games Festival, which is traditionally organized on the last weekend of May and aims to attract as many people as possible to play.

In Venice, this festival is traditionally organized on the same site, at the same time and in partnership with the Children’s Fishing Festival hosted by the Association of Lake Fishermen. These two events were canceled in Spring 2020 and 2021 due to the health crisis.

On Saturday afternoon, in the shade of a refreshing pine forest, the community center held several games for all ages.

The public, who came with their families, took full advantage of this free entertainment. Over 200 people followed each other throughout the afternoon and gained access to the available games.

Christian Gilardo Truvenet, Mayor of Vienna, as well as his deputy, Raja Toussaint and Alan Cuse attended to greet the audience.

Marie Le Maire and Caroline Bellon, President and Family Reviewer of the Community Center respectively, welcomed the partnership with the Lake Fishermen’s Association, which has enabled the delivery of two high-quality public events.

The game festival was organized thanks to the support of the Municipality of Viennes, CAF and the Department of Hautes-Alpes.

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