“Don't buy,” the developers of this game offer players some surprising advice to say the least

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At present, A The vast majority of games He is more and more aggressive with Monetization. between makeupthe follower Missions rewards, Additional items Or even parts of the game that are only available through the store Microtransactions Their prices continue to rise and this does not please everyone, especially when the average prices of games rise from year to year.

However, the developers of this very popular game are very frank: don't buy if you can't afford it.

Chivalry 2 developers warn players about monetization?

Most likely you have already encountered it Riding Or its sequel Riding 2, a game in which fans can participate in giant medieval battles in arenas filled with players whose sole goal is to protect an objective, destroy it, or annihilate the opposing army. If the principle is very simple, so is the game It is very popular It continues to attract more and more fans.

To capitalize on this popularity, the developers have added a virtual currency, Crowns, which allows players who want to pamper themselves to obtain skins and other in-game rewards.

Like most games, the developers of Chivalry 2 want to protect their community and warn fans: No need to purchase if mom is not protected.

A clear message to equestrian players!

In this message, the developers explain that you shouldn't hesitate to not touch the store if you're not sure you can afford the rest of your expenses.

Please consider purchasing wreaths. Our goal in offering premium currency is to provide an optional way for all those who want to show their support for our teams and support us in developing future games. But please do not buy crowns if you are not in a comfortable financial situation.

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A commendable message from developers who prefer They know their fans are safe from destitution While monetization gets more aggressive over time, this type of message is almost fun.

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