Don’t forget the lyrics: the game reprogrammed on Tuesday, May 17th, netizens are angry

Monday 16 May 2022, lovers Don’t forget the words They were able to enjoy a new number of their favorite show. But the news saddens them in advance: the cancellation of the programming planned by the channel due to the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, and then the starring of Roland Garros.

It is scheduled to be shown in France 2 since the end of 2007 Don’t forget the words He knew Gather a growing community of fans over the years. The character of Nagui has a lot to do with her, he does not skimp on anecdotes and does not hesitate to gently mock some of the candidates. The show’s success is also due to the talent and personality of the musicians, including singer Magali Ripoll, who turns out to be “just as cool” on screen as in real life, Nagoi confirmed on April 24 on France Bleu. Moreover, viewers have time They attach themselves to their favorite candidates Like Maestro Kristofer, whose passing many netizens mourned. With these assets, the show is widely commented on on social networks by the public. He does not shy away from saluting the singers’ performance, but also some criticism when it gives way to that context. This Monday May 16th Many netizens have expressed their dismay. In search of: a reprogramming of their favorite show planned for the next few days.

Programming is turned upside down by two major events

After broadcasting for many years on Canal+, The opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival will be broadcast on France 2 This Tuesday, May 17th. However, it will take place from 7 pm. Either at the usual time Don’t forget the words ! In addition, the 2022 edition of Roland Garros began on Monday, May 16 with the qualifiers. The first matches will be moved from Sunday, May 22nd, to Sunday, June 5th. Like every year, this tennis tournament will have repercussions on the radio Nagy song show. Therefore, further reprogramming is expected In the coming days, which will not be without annoyance fans of the program. “I just remembered that with Roland-Garros, I won’t remember the lyrics to watch in the evening‘, so one Twitter user lamented, while another wearily wrote:We will miss many offers Don’t forget the lyrics because of Roland Garros starring?“Others would have preferred the Cannes Film Festival to stay on Channel +.”Who cares about the opening ceremony of Cannes?‘, he wonders regularly on the show. Be patient, and it’ll be back to normal in June!

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