About a million times faster computers?

Like New Atlas explains itLogic gates are the basic building blocks of modern electronics. Those who, by applying a set of rules to the inputs they receive, Enable Logic Functions at the base of everything else; Its high concentration within microprocessors, for example, gives it its tremendous speed and computing power.

Admittedly, current logic gates are rather fast: they only need a few nanoseconds to perform a task, before moving on to the next. But what if it could be made a million times faster?

The thing sounds like science fiction, and it’s still a matter of lab creativity, not a commercial application. But it is possible, as scholars from University of Rochesterin the United States of America.

To do this, as described In an article published in the journal Naturethey created junctions consisting of cable of graphene Connected to two gold electrodes. The graphene was then exposed to two simultaneous pulsed lasers, which “excited” its electrons and pushed them toward one of the electrodes, creating an electric current.

light’s speed

The tuning of the laser pulses made it possible to generate two types of Cargo carriers different, making their super-fast logic gate synthesis, the first functional proof of concept of what you call the theory “lightwave electronics”and light wave electronics.

calendar? Reduced to a few nanoseconds of a logic gate as currently designed On the femtosecond scaleor one millionth of a billionth of a second.

In theory, by imagining processors composed of many of these revolutionary circuits, a computer could perform its basic calculations a million times faster than today’s fastest machines.

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“It will likely be a long time before this technology can be used in a computer processor, but we now know that optical wave electronics is feasible.”said Tobias Polacki, the team leader responsible for the discovery.

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