Don’t like Sonic Frontiers? It’s that you didn’t understand anything…

…at least that’s what one of the game’s developers thinks, assuring that Sonic Frontiers does its job like a charm.

A few days ago, IGN first revealed to the world a much-anticipated gameplay. that it vocal boundaries, the open-world title centered around the blue hedgehog from SEGA. However, the moment fans’ eyes landed on these photos, A wave of criticism swept the networkswhich was not to please the Sonic Teams.

The essence of negative comments depends on the fact that vocal boundaries It doesn’t look more or less like a fan-made video gameIn other words, a person who does not have the technology and means to develop AAA as it is supposed to be. Of course, several factors are the cause. If the game environment is rather nice and too big, everything remains too blank, the movement is practically non-existent and we feel very slow during these few minutes of gameplay.

trailer so it didn’t have the expected effect, because instead of getting excited, Fans simply asked to postpone the title’s release Using the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers because there is still work to be done. Many people are even surprised to find these films My voice They look better than the game that inspired them. However, it seems that Developers are not willing to compromise.

SEGA won’t listen to fans this time

In an interview with video game factsTakashi Izuka, head of studio Sonic Team, defends his latest production, Even if it means devaluing the opinion of fans of the franchise. To the negative comments that Sonic is lost in wanting to deviate from the original track or is not qualitative enough, the developer responds:

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Not really surprising. We understand that everyone reacts to the videos they have watched, and since they don’t understand this new gameplay, they compare it to other games they already know. So we see a lot of people saying, “Oh, it’s a little bit like this, it’s a little bit like this, but it’s not, or it’s not.”. “

according to him, So these fans don’t understand what the game wants to convey and the teams that are developing it. It mentions in particular how everyone expects an open world game, even though they internally baptize their gameplay as an “open zone”, an innovative new system that players have yet to experience. The ability to comprehend because it cannot be compared to anything known:”And this new game system in and of itself is something not really found in other similar titles. So through the launch we hope to make it clear what open area play is.

So does time have to pass for birth control pills to do the same? According to the developer, yes. For the fans, it’s a different story. Despite all this, Team Sonic still intends to release it vocal boundaries to the end of 2022, and that only a health catastrophe could potentially cause a delay.

A story that will not repeat itself

However, this isn’t the first time Sonic has faced a situation like this. Think back to the past few years when the first trailer for the game inspired by the movie was released internationally. Fans were upset by the appearance of the blue hedgehog, which was objectively more human and ugly. If SEGA didn’t have much to do with the creative process (although they certainly had to validate the process), it was a blow to the franchise… which took it so masterfully.

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A few days after this failure, the producers decided to listen to the fans and adapt to their demands. History shows us that they have done well since then, and what they promised to fail was finally a worldwide hit, just like the recently released second opus. By completely erasing the opinion of thousands of players, SEGA may be shooting in the foot., even when those fans say they’re ready to expect more in a game that truly honors their favorite hero. What do they want more from their loyal community?

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