LG Display reportedly intends to provide screens for Apple’s MR/AR headphone

Apple’s AR/VR Mixed Reality Headset Expected Next YearAt least, according to the latest rumours. Today, a new report from sources who spoke to The Elec Brought Additional light on the firm can produce helmet screens.

Elec cites unnamed sources to break the news. According to the information obtained by the Korean website, LG Display prepares to develop and manufacture Micro OLED panels for Apple’s mixed reality headset. To do this, LG Display will order the deposition equipment needed to manufacture Micro OLED displays.

However, for now, the Cupertino mixed reality headset could use Sony’s Micro OLED panel for its first MR (Mixed Reality) device. According to the publication, the external display (nicknamed “Pointer”) will be equipped with a classic OLED panel. This must be from LG.

It will be the Micro OLED panel that LG Display wants to manufacture Probably intended for Apple’s second generation mixed reality headset. The first generation is still just a rumor, but here’s LG getting ready for the second!

But what exactly is Micro OLED? Well, without delving into substrates and LEDs, the difference between traditional OLED panels and Micro OLED (sometimes called OLED on silicon or OLEDoS) is that the latter superimposes the OLED on a silicon substrate, rather than glass.

The first helmet in 2023?

And for those who don’t know, OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. Essentially, OLED uses an organic material (in short, pixels) to produce light, and it can be controlled pixel by pixel. This is why colors are much brighter on OLED screens than on LCD screens (with LCD screens, the pixels don’t produce light themselves, and the panel needs a backlight to render anything). It is widely expected that OLED on silicon, or Micro OLED, will be used more for virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality devices.

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According to recent rumors, Apple will enter the field of virtual and augmented reality headsets in 2023. Previous rumors revealed that Apple is planning augmented reality glasses in 2025. Both devices will have 8K screens. future headphones. It will be interesting to see how the makers of Micro OLED displays progress and which company Apple chooses to provide screens for its headphones.

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