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We are finally here! More than 5 years after its announcement, Dragon Age: The Veilguard has finally given itself a major game showcase worthy of the name. After showing a trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase and a short teaser yesterday, BioWare's next production has finally shown what it has in its belly!

A massive 20 minute gameplay of Dragon Age: The Veilguard

This beautiful offering of 20 minutes of gameplay begins at the control of Rook, a first-level thief who ventures into Minrathie alongside Varric to find Neve Gallus and above all stop the ritual of Solas, another character already known to fans of the series.

In fact, the famous dwarf breaks the veil, allowing demons to infiltrate and attack the city. In this context we discover the dynamic real-time combat of Dragon Age: The Veilguard against demons and Venatori cultists.

Harding, another familiar face, joins his companions and together they find the ice wizard Nev Gallus. After various clashes, they passed through the portal and found themselves in the Arlathan Forest.

Here, the heroes face off against a mini-boss before discussing how to stop Solas' ritual. We see from this opportunity that allies can agree or disagree with our decisions. A confrontation ensues between Solas and Varrick, while the other companions try to stop the ritual.

We'll let you discover all this in the video. Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be available in Fall 2024 on Xbox Series

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