Dragon Quest for the next 10-20 years – Nerdu 4. Life of the Fate of Fate

In a recent interview with the popular Famitsu magazine, Squire Enix CEO and President Yosuke Matsuda Talked very passionately about Dragon Quest 12: Flames of Destiny. For him, in fact, the next episode of the series has been one of the most important in recent years, as much as it can To define Dragon Quest’s next 10-20.

Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate was announced last May with a short teaser trailer. It will be the new chapter of the other soul of Square Enix, which is very traditional and Traditional, Like Final Fantasy, is less likely to experiment.

Not much is known about the new game, besides, according to Square Enix, it will be a very ambitious chapter. “Dragon Quest XII is being developed with the next 10-20 years of the Dragon Quest series in mind,” Matsuda said. In this game, there will be parts that are true with the traditional images of Dragon Quest, but New products They will be needed. In the end, we always innovate as a brand, ”concluded Squire Enix CEO.

Very objective Surprise, Especially for strong-loved and conservative series such as those created by Enix. Do you think this would be the right move for Dragon Quest?

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Veronica Tucker

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