New Ulm County: SMS data theft: Police warn of new scams

Police in the Neu-Ulm region are warning of a new scam: “smishing”. What method do criminals use and how can you protect yourself.

“You have a new voicemail” – A 51-year-old woman from the area has received these SMS in the past few days. To get the voice message, you have to click on a link in the text message. However, this did not lead you to the expected voice message, but an unpleasant new application was installed on your mobile phone.

The app took control of sending SMS and then sent thousands of text messages. The woman suffered hundreds of euros in damages. This was stated by Kempten Police Station. Officials began an investigation and warned of this new fraud in a letter.

“Smishing” is used, among other things, to steal data

Cybercriminals, better known as “SMS”, use text messages to spread malware and access data. It is a word creation of SMS and phishing terms. The latter refers to the theft of access data via fake messages or emails.

The fake SMS contains a link that directs users to a website where they are supposed to disclose sensitive information, for example passwords or credit card details. Or – as in the case of 51-year-olds – malware is installed. According to the police, people who use Android devices are particularly affected. But iPhone and iPad users should also pay attention, because no mobile operating system can protect against such attacks. Similar SMS messages were sent with bundle announcements in the spring. They had the same effects.

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These actions can protect against SMS

Police Headquarters offers the following tips to protect yourself from “fraud”:

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  • who is this Text message It should be ignored and deleted. Under no circumstances should the recipient click on the link in it. If the mobile phone requests the installation of an application in connection with such SMS, this should be refused. It makes sense to set up a third-party blocking via the relevant mobile network provider.

If a corresponding application is already installed on the smartphone, then the following can be done:

  • The mobile phone must be switched to flight mode so that it cannot receive any external commands or send SMS messages.

  • Those affected should contact their mobile operator and report the issue to them. It is reasonable to ask whether the costs have actually been incurred. The creation of a third-party block must be initiated directly.

  • It is also advised to go to the nearest police station.

  • All data, photos, videos and settings should be backed up and then reset the smartphone to factory settings. This will erase all the apps and data that were not there when you bought the phone. Finally, all passwords must be changed. In addition, two-factor authentication must be activated for accounts for which this is possible. (The)

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