DS Motors rewards its expertise with EDIDA at Dell Mobile Milano 2022

The Salone del Mobile.Milano celebrates its 60th anniversary from June 7-12. A true laboratory of experimentation and mixing of genres, it has proven to be a place of exchange and opportunity creation in the design world for decades.

An international fair for high-end creativity, Salone del Mobile.Milano spotlights many trends; From classicism based on tradition, craftsmanship and craftsmanship, to timeless luxury translated with a contemporary twist, through design based on function and style.

Organized on the sidelines of this event since 2003, the ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA) is a unique competition where 25 editors-in-chief of the international ELLE DECORATION network come together to reward global design excellence.

For the first time, DS Motors is participating in this event through the creation of the Savoir-Faire Award by DS, which aims to advance exceptional knowledge and contribute to its international impact.

DS Cars embodies the French art of living. We bring together passionate women and men, driven by refinement, culture and creativity, custodians of the unique know-how of French luxury. By creating the DS Automotive Savoir-Faire for the ELLE DECO International Design Awards, our goal is to inspire dreams and provide practical ideas to make those dreams come true. ยป

Patrice Foucher, CEO of DS Motors

The DS Savoir-Faire is awarded to ARCA CABINETMAKER in recognition of her exceptional know-how, at the intersection of unique knowledge and innovation. ARCA CABINETMAKER designs, experiments and innovates wood, from its perfect mastery of traditional tools to the creation of new technologies and materials.

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The prize was awarded on June 8 in Milan.

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