Blizzard is revealing its live game tonight

They say mobile gaming is the future, and Blizzard got it. Video game giant Warcraft mobile brought us tonight, a very mysterious iteration of the heroic fantasy series.

If you are looking for information and images from Warcraft mobile, for now, you can try to shoot a dahu. Blizzard remains highly secretive about everything surrounding this new release on small screens, and feel free to go so far as to willingly confuse clever little ones by dumping misinformation here and there on the web. Clash of Clans Azeroth-style? From level 1 bandits to level 50 mafia boss in Orgrimmar? Very unlikely. But what we do know is that this Tuesday at 7 pm French time, Blizzard has a big surprise in store for us with their Warcraft mobile offer. The game we know is based on the universe that spawned World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, which will be a “strategy game designed specifically for mobile.”

You can find the presentation live at Blizzard website Starting tonight at 7 pm. An opportunity for us as workers to discover what Blizzard has created for us to spice up our bus, metro or train travels. Some last-minute information may be that the studio has been working on two new mobile games this year, and that the first project, which took the form of Pokemon Go with Warcraft Sauce, was canceled in the first quarter of 2022. So we know Warcraft mobile won’t be Like Pokémon Go. Information worth its peanut weight, which we owe to well-known insiders like Jason Schreyer (see tweet above).

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