During the track process one wandered back to Interlogos, again

Interpretation of the article entitled Someone Accidentally Wandered in Interlogos While Racecourse Lap

Screenshot: Mbmantovani via Twitter

Accidentally driving a live race should be very difficult. In fact, it should be impossible! But for the second time in a month, a motorist gets stuck Interlogos Round in Brazil, although there is no option to do so when cars are running on the lap.

Twitter user mabmantovani Shared a clip of a recent incident in which a Mercedes-Benz GLA blocked the exit of a ditch that appears to be the day of a lane. The first car on display, we have internal views from it, it stops the moment it comes around the curve, and the driver-guided GLA. At this point, the Mercedes is perpendicular to the pit path; Its driver is stuck in a futile attempt to complete a multi-point turn that sends the car against the flow of traffic.

When the second track day participant arrives, locks the brakes on the most dramatic stop before hitting Mercedes. At this point, the GLA driver receives the message May be Going in the planned direction is a bad idea. Eventually the GLA leaves the pit path, coming to a halt on the asphalt slide between the path and the pit path exit.

GLA No one knows where it ended up or what caused the humor of the bugs it led to. Input from some Reddit commentators Indicates how clear the signature of the circuit may be, especially on days when a title event does not occur and the marshals do not guard access points.

Again, something like this finally happened, A Mini Cooper accidentally infiltrates a Copa Mercedes race, So it is difficult to say what is guilty. In that case, The The driver was charged Absence of cones, signs or staff to prevent round access – TherThere is nothing that can be related to the direction of the track other than the driver exiting.

We have come round for insight and will report back if you have any questions. But for those of you who have visited the Autotromo Jose Carlos Base or really any racing, please do not go to a place where you are not welcome, as the world does not want you to frantically try a gay turn on a narrow ditch – or worse!

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