Earning Bitcoins in Pokémon GO Style is possible

Pokémon GO success

The success of virtual reality app “Pokémon GO” is still legendary – Even today, more than 5 years after the launch of the app, countless users are still playing the funny game with which to catch the little monsters.


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And now it will soon be possible to search for bitcoins in the same way!

Search and find bitcoins

App developers from Fold have now teamed up with Pokémon GO company Niantic, To enable users to find real bitcoins – and of course own them!

Niantic makes its AR platform available for the Bitcoin Fold payment app. The goal of the collaboration is to create a virtual reality based on its real environment, which users of the fold can explore. Bitcoins must then be found on the go.

Searching for bitcoins should be very similar to searching for Pokemon!

Earning Bitcoins via the app

One bitcoin is worth tens of thousands of euros. Giving them up in the app sounds cool – and what looks really cool is often too good to be true. Here too, of course, “only” fractions of bitcoin are given when searching for Bitcoin in the app.

The profits that users can make should be in the cent range. distance: “This is the easiest and most fun way to get your first piece of BitcoinFuld CEO Will Reeves said.

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about fold

Fold (available on US App Store and Apps for Android and iOS devices) is a payment platform Which offers bitcoins as cashback rewards for in-app payments. Unfortunately, the app is still not available in Germany yet.

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