Gothic 1 Remake: Finally news from the developer

Developers talk about the progress of the remake of Gothic 1. Source: THQ Nordic, Alkimia Interactive

In the middle of this year, there was already reason to hope that this would be the long overdue Gothic 1 Remake will appear soon. under the publisher THQ North The newly created studio is working reactive chemistry Currently in a new version of the role-playing game by Piranha Bytes, originally published in 2001.

In 2019, players were allowed to experience a playable teaser for the first time. After very positive feedback from players, the full implementation of the new version of Gothic 1 was officially confirmed in early 2020. Soon, the title was also listed on Steam. The gothic remake should not only offer improved contemporary graphics, but the combat system should also be fundamentally improved – this should at least be attractive to players, as it would also serve to one of the biggest criticism points the role-playing game had to make.

Gothic remake news

After the project had been quiet for a while and wasn’t part of this year’s THQ Nordic Showcase, as previously suspected, news about the new version of Gothic 1 finally surfaced. In March, the developers last submitted a design study for a scavenger piece. There is now a new avatar graphic showing minecrawler.

Interactive Alchemy Studio:

“In March, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gothic, we released a scavenger demo created to remake it in the Gothic style. Some time ago, we thought we should release another update.

We have been delighted with the important discussions and constructive comments that have emerged from this post, which is why we will continue to post core elements of the game in this way.
Today we’re showing you a bit of a primer on our interpretation of the tiny crawl.”

Here you can look at minecrawler in detail:

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minecrawler remake gothic 1
This is what a Minecrawler should look like in Gothic 1 Remake. Source: Studio Alkimia Interactive

The new version of Minecrawler will also receive another upgrade. The developers are talking about a “new development”. What exactly is behind this remains unclear as of now, and the secret will be revealed in another news update.

When is the new gothic version 1 coming?

Perhaps the biggest question is when do we start with Gothic Edition 1 Remake Because now you can count. The individual monster shows don’t at least give an accurate picture of how far production has progressed. In this context, one can only hope that this is not the full output of the team, after all, it has been a very long time since March and we have only seen a couple of new models at the moment.

There doesn’t seem to be a possibility to correctly predict the release at the moment. Alkimia Interactive indicates the scale of the game and the developer is still looking for employees to add to the team.

Alkimia Interactive about this:

“Overall, we are very pleased to report that the development of Gothic Remake is progressing on all fronts. We have put together a team of over 35 dedicated developers in our Barcelona office and also work with many contractors and outsourcers. Gothic may be over 20 years old, But the scope of this game should not be underestimated.”

In addition to production vacancies, the developer is also looking for a community manager. This office in Barcelona should support and coordinate communication with the community. If you are interested, you must have a great passion for Gothic and be fluent in English and German (ideally also Polish or Russian). The job offer can be found here:

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