Earrings with built-in earphones

Nova H1 are tiny jewels with clips to wear on earlobes, which connect via bluetooth to any device

A gem of earphones! New H1 sound It is one of the most original displays in a panorama filled with copies. Those developed by a German startup Nova products, Which is based in Munich, is actually real Earrings Which integrates all the necessary components to allow forlisten to music And conversations resulting from incoming calls. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 and a 320mAh battery, they reduced their consumption and autonomy by about 3 hours (2 recharges needed).

And the Rest on your earlobes with a gold or silver plated clip, So that it can also be worn by those who do not have pierced ears, with the possibility of hearing surrounding noise, while the directional sound prevents others from listening to the music. Each weighs 6 grams and with a box that guarantees up to five full charges, the Nova H1 headphones can be pre-ordered Who is the at the expense of 312 euros, With including shipping and home delivery costs scheduled for September.

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