Mario is back in the green, the game is already on Switc

Among the small surprises from Nintendo Direct on February 17, 2021, how can we not mention Mario Golf: Super Rush that will allow Nintendo plumber to return to the green. It’s been 6 years since Mario touched a golf club since the release of the 3DS episode in 2014, Mario Golf: World Tour. But in this Nintendo Switch episode, the game is supposed to be very serious about its approach, with the added bonus of using a Joy-Con gyroscope to mimic the swing of the perfect golfer. But this fundamentalists are assured, this will be a choice in the options that can be canceled. Moreover, know that for the sake of excellence and especially diversified pleasures, Mario Golf Super Rush will offer a whole host of festive games to play together. We’ll remember the “Speed ​​Golf” mode, the aim of which is to hit the ball close to the hole, but also to run as fast as possible to reach the next marks. Otherwise, know that this Mario Golf Super Rush game includes a story mode in which we will embody Mii (or another mode) who will have to earn his lines as a good golfer.

Mario Golf Super Rush is expected to launch on June 25.

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