Editing photos: With these 7 apps it is easy to do on your mobile phone

Editing photos on smartphone: These apps are guaranteed to work!

We are now used to sharing pictures with our friends and relatives as soon as we take them – often unfiltered and unchanged. There is something about this spontaneity, but it also means that you lose the advanced editing and optimization features available to you on your smartphone through a variety of apps. Features that keep getting better as both software and hardware are getting stronger. Here Seven great photo editing apps To try. You will very likely be surprised at the end how well it works and how easy it is to use. (Also read: Top models compared – 12 best over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation)

Google photos

Edit photos on iPhone using Google Photos

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Google Photos is more than just a place to upload and automatically backup your photos. Aside from all the useful storage and search features that the app provides, it is also great for editing photos. Available options start with what is expected: crop and resize images, adjust brightness and contrast, change saturation and warmth, and increase shadows in the image.

Where Google Photos really starts to shine is with filters and features supported by Google’s algorithms: You can apply a range of optimization suggestions to improve the appearance of your photos, create background blur, and even apply custom corrections for brightness and contrast on the sky – provided the app, of course, recognizes a sky in the photo. (Also interesting: search for a song on Google – it can now be catchy ringtones)

Google Images costs for Male in appearance And the iOS nothing.

Apple Photos

Edit photos on iPhone using Apple Photos

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The built-in photo app in iOS is better at editing photos than you might notice. Dive into the editing suite in the app and the first option you will see is Auto Enhance which will apply some smart filters to your image. Then you can manually adjust exposure, brightness, shadows and highlights, and more.

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Apple Photos also has a handy noise reduction feature to add the finishing touches to your photos, and there are tools for straightening and cropping. The application contains a variety of pre-made filters that can change the general appearance of the image greatly, and you can adjust the strength of the applied effect using the slider bar. (Also read: Apple plans future without iPhone mini – 2022 plans leaked!)

Apple Photos is free for iOS users.


Editing photos on iPhone using Snapseed

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Snapseed’s polished and limited user interface has a plethora of photo editing tools and features right below the surface – if you browse the app, you’ll discover options to manage brightness, contrast, white balance, exposure, color, and more, along with basic cropping tools and adjusting the perspective of photos.

Snapseed also includes a number of tools normally found only in a desktop photo editor: tools like a treatment brush to correct blemishes and a lens blur option to focus on a specific point. All of these tools, along with a variety of filters, can be tweaked and tweaked to make your photos look just right.

Snapseed is free for Male in appearance And the iOS.


Edit photos on iPhone with Pixlr app

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Pixlr is one of the most fun and friendly photo editing app, and it gives you an impressive number of options. You can do anything from adding text annotations to pictures to coloring the sky in a picture and replacing it with something else. Despite all the advanced features in the app, Pixlr is always easy to use.

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You can split, rotate, crop photos, remove red eyes, apply tons of filters, frames, and more. If you get stuck, the app has a few one-touch auto-correction options that intelligently optimize your photos with settings most appropriate to the type of image (subject, lighting, etc.).

Pixlr is free for Male in appearance And the iOSHowever, it does include purchase options for some features.


Edit photos on iPhone using Afterlight app

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Spend a few minutes with Afterlight and you’ll realize it’s dedicated to serious photo editing – it has a simple, professional design, but it packs a lot of features, from a bunch of powerful filters to a variety of manual tools that suit you. Pictures can look better than ever. It is also very easy to share and export the images to your phone or other applications.

It will take you a lot of time to explore everything Afterlight has to offer, via the five icons at the bottom of the screen, all of them can be customized to get the right effect. The app allows you to move colors in the image, overlay text on images, create effects like double exposure, flip images, and more, and it also supports image layers.

Afterlight is free for Male in appearance And the iOSHowever, it does include purchase options for some features.


Edit photos on iPhone using the Adobe Lightroom app

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You don’t need an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use the great Lightroom app on your mobile phone. It’s a powerful and intuitive photo editing program that can come in handy in a variety of situations – whether you’re looking for quick presets to enhance your photos or want more control over the way they look.

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The app comes with an impressive list of features: cropping, rotation, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white balance, saturation, sharpening, opacity, noise removal, and engineering tools are just a few of them. And if you don’t want to apply changes to the entire image, Lightroom lets you work smartly with selections to manipulate parts of the image.

Lightroom is free for Male in appearance And the iOSHowever, it does include purchase options for some features.


Edit photos on iPhone using VSCO Cam app

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VSCO is one of the oldest and most respected photo editing apps out there and has something for nearly everyone. Whether you are auto-enhancing an image, applying one of the many filters with one click, or wanting to go deeper into the color, exposure, and contrast of your image, VSCO has the tools to help you – all beautifully presented.

The two application areas you are likely to spend the most of your time are preferences (a carefully curated set of filters) and adjustments (everything from skin tone to darkening effects). Aside from everything you’d expect in an image editor, there’s more, including a full text overlay feature and a skew tool.

VSCO is free for Male in appearance And the iOSHowever, it does include purchase options for some features.

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