We last part 3? Neil Druckman wrote the basics of the script but confirmed nothing

As the site reports IGNIt’s during an audio broadcast Scenario regardless Who confirmed Neil Druckman has already drawn a sequel script for it The Last of Us Part 2, Of course evasive about the possible investigation of the project. “I don’t know to what extent I can reveal it … Co-writer Haley Gross and I have written the outline of a story, we haven’t developed it but hope you see the light of day, which explores a little what happens after this match.He said the person who has been living, eating and sleeping The Last of Us for a while as he also co-wrote the script for the HBO TV series with Craig Mazin (Chernobyl).

We now have two games that I think speak to something universal while telling the very personal stories of these characters. With just one game, there is no paradigm for what the franchise is. With two games, a certain pattern starts and now I have the impression that there are structural and thematic issues that we must stick to if we do a third game.He also comments.

Continuing the suspense, Neil Druckman asserted that discussions had taken place internally regarding A. We last part 3 But it confirms the need to come up with a strong idea to justify producing a title of this size. According to the official rhetoric, Naughty Dog is still considering his next move. “Once we finish one of our big games, we take a long time to explore different ideas, whether it’s The Last of Us 3, something new, or an old franchise we want to revive. I like to fully explore all of these possibilities before I decide where to go. Because it’s a huge commitment – money, time, passion, talent, so you have to factor in all the opportunity costs that come with it.He was not declared.

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Despite this apparent reluctance responding to a well-known communication exercise at the time, it is unlikely that Naughty Dog had not actually started at this point in developing his next major production, even if we learn that the studio has also worked to cut it through with two other side projects: Multiplayer game based on The Last of Us Part 2 (Confirmed by Naughty Dog in September 2019) and a redesign of the PS5 for The last of us (Revealed by an article by Jason Schreyer).

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