Education, entertainment and competition … In Budapest, the game of chess reveals its many sides

The annual Budapest Chess Festival took place this weekend in the presence of Judith Polgar, considered the best player of all time.

Chess as an educational tool

For several years, this Hungarian who became a chess master at just fifteen, put her passion at the service of education. She sees this strategy game as a great tool to help children learn in school.

“Children love to play, it is good if they love to play until adulthood, it can be very useful for them. With chess, they not only play, but also develop.” Solen Judit Polgar.

Learn chess while having fun

This festival is an opportunity for children to discover the game in different forms: original chess or life-size chessboard, where everyone can enjoy playing the role of a pawn, queen or rook. Fun way to learn the rules of the game:

“Here, we jump into the boxes, then walk along the corridor and come back. We remain balanced, walk diagonally and leave the chessboard”, explains Katalin Nagy, who teaches chess to children.

Measuring against the great lords

This festival has been organized for seven years in Budapest. In addition to the entertaining and educational workshops, it was also clear that it was a matter of focus and competition. Thus the emphatic players were able to measure themselves against the great masters. Everyone focused on one goal: checkmate.

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