There is no Windows 11 license for consumer users

Windows 11 has been available since October 5, an important moment for Microsoft and especially for users! Those who want to update their PC can get started, as long as they already have a Windows 10 license. For others? There is no license!

With Windows 11, Microsoft is completely scanning the past for many of its historical practices. This new version of the PC operating system is indeed the first of its kind that cannot be purchased! A change in size may question users seeking to install the operating system on their new computers that are delivered without the system (which can happen…).

Windows 10 license required

How do you do in this situation? C’est très simple, il suffit d’acheter… Windows 10. Windows 11 est en effet fourni gratuitement aux détenteurs d’une license de la version précédente, mais on ne peut pas l’installer directement sur un PC « nu », sans OS. Sure, this is an extra step and we imagine Microsoft will find a solution to help with the automatic update of Windows 11.

This increases because the problem also appears for companies, who have to manage entire fleets of computers (however, it is possible to install an .iso file directly for download from the Microsoft site, but here also a Windows 10 license is required). For PC manufacturers, this is not a problem, for them nothing changes and they can buy OEM licenses from Microsoft.

If you own a PC and want to upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft takes you in the hand. You can go to the Windows Update Center and then click on the option “ Check for updates If the computer is compatible, a button will appear to start the action (if not, there is a hack). The editor also provides a utility to check the compatibility of computers.

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