Eight Dangerous Android Apps to Delete

Joker malware is back to annoy Google. Quick Heal Security Labs researchers have discovered eight apps on the Google Play Store associated with this malware and we suggest you delete them immediately if you have them on your devices.

Joker is one of the most persistent strains of malware and constantly targets Android devices.

The Joker malware is also relentless and manages to return to the Google Play Store every few months. This virus manages to infiltrate the Play Store by modifying its code, method of implementation and/or payload recovery techniques. In essence, it is constantly evolving and makes its complete extinction almost impossible.

Researchers claim that the Joker malware steals user data, including SMS, contact list, device information, payment data, and more. The eight apps detected by Quick Heal Security Labs have already been removed from the Google Play Store, so you can no longer download them, however, if you have already downloaded them, you will have to uninstall and delete them manually.

The offending applications are:

  • help message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free Camera Scanner
  • super message
  • Object Scanner
  • go messages
  • travel wallpapers
  • Super SMS

How to delete it from your Android device

  • You can go to Play Store and search for the app and then click “Uninstall” on the app page. This will remove the app from your smartphone.
  • You can also long press on the app from the home screen to bring up the option to drag it from the screen and delete it or tap the “x” icon to delete it directly from the home screen.
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With Joker malware still coming back to the Play Store, you can also follow some normal security practices to avoid dodgy apps that may contain viruses. Always check app ratings and reviews before downloading. If you see a lot of complaints in the reviews, avoid the app. Likewise, if you see reviews glorifying the app excessively despite the very low ratings, then those reviews are fake, you should stay away from them.

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