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Never before have the requirements on software performance and functionality, especially in virtual environments, been as high as they are today. The fact that high-performance graphics processors have a reason to be around for a long time more than gaming, visualization or rendering tasks is shown by the various non-graphical areas of which GPUs have become indispensable. GPU maker Nvidia has recognized the signs of the times years ago and thus today is a leader in AI computing technology.

Made possible by collaborating with Nvidia adn Its partners are redefining the limits of performance for HPC, VDI, and cloud computing environments. Explains Hermann Ramacher, Managing Partner of ADN Distribution GmbHThe importance of high-performance graphics processors for decentralized digital collaboration.

Graphics processors open up new possibilities for virtualization

The new collaboration, particularly with the existing portfolio of ADN, which has reliably supported countless distributors with success in migration and virtualization Clou projects for over 20 years, launches a strong collaboration. Hermann Ramacher – a VDI visionary and advocate for the cloud from the start – asserts: “The ability to offer Nvidia solutions to our customers opens up entirely new possibilities for us as a cloud solutions provider, partner of Citrix and our best-user customers – to ensure unparalleled experience and performance.”

Hermann Ramacher is the founder and managing director of ADN Distribution GmbH. (Photo: ADN)

Hermann Ramacher explains why ADN focuses on virtualization in its presentation: “The digital and mobile workplace is no longer a dream of the future, it has become a reality. We have to back this up with strong GPU performance for every workload; this is the only way to ensure unrestricted usability.”

From any device and from any location accessed is irrelevant. The vGPU software from Nvidia is installed and built on a server with a graphics processor from the manufacturer virtual graphics processorsthat can be used by many virtual machines simultaneously. In this way, the different scenarios are significantly better technically. Because tasks that would have been covered by the CPU power in the virtual machine are now handled by the GPU.

Super Turbo for Demanding Users

GPU computing from Nivida is trend-setting. Especially in HPC and ultra-high-volume workloads, the need for performance and acceleration remains unabated. Data sizes to be handled are in the petabyte range. The demands of scientists, creative professionals and IT engineers are high.

“Nvidia graphics processors are the right answer to the massive power demands in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning and display. The GPU enables faster data processing compared to a CPU, and combined with optimal performance in remote work and VDI scenarios, it ensures Also a unique user experience.”

ADN VDI Solutions – Powered by Nvidia: Flexible, Secure and Efficient

Dirk Parvus, Director of DACH Channel and Eastern Europe nvidia, adds: “Solutions from Nvidia provide customers with a virtual desktop infrastructure a user experience similar to that of on-premises workstations.” In addition, load balancing enables flexible and scalable use of data centers, thus ensuring that the different performance requirements of each can satisfy a logical set of users.

At the same time, it guarantees investment protection and maximum investment return. Nvidia also relies on seamless integration into the data center infrastructure (Data Center Infrastructure) and gives IT all the necessary management tools – from correct dimensions to proactive management and troubleshooting.

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Choosing the right graphics processors and licenses

As a Value Added Distributor (VAD), ADN helps its partners find the right GPU and license from the Nvidia suite depending on the specific customer application. Dirk Barfuss commends the collaboration: “As a leading distributor of VDI, ADN knows very well what its customers need, what weaknesses there are and which solution can be better integrated, whether it is just software or hardware that needs to be revamped. In this way, our products are tailor-made for the customer. final across the channel.”

The range of possibilities extends from virtualization of individual applications and PC systems to virtual workstations or virtual computing servers for power users. Hermann Ramacher sums up: “We live in an era of accelerated workloads. By integrating Nvidia solutions into our portfolio, we enable companies to build a stable framework that is robust, scalable, and future-proof.” (Sg)

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