Elden Ring too hard? “Easy mode would ruin the game”

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Of software It is known for its particularly high difficulty games, which discourages many players. according to MiyazakiAn easier game would be a mistake.

Elden Ring: Miyazaki needs a high level of difficulty © Hidetaka Miyazaki / FromSoftware

Tokyo, Japan – Recently, Elden Ring DLC: Erdtree's shadow went out. In typical FromSoftware fashion, the expansion doesn't impact players. However, Elden Ring is a bit more forgiving than its spiritual predecessors. If your boss knocks you down mercilessly, you can practice for a long time in another area before coming back stronger. However, even more difficult bosses, such as Malenia, waiting for you. Miyazaki is certain that this high difficulty is necessary.

Watch the clip below for an overview of the world and new enemies:

Elden Ring: FromSoftware's Prime Miyazaki needs a higher difficulty level

What happened : In an interview with The Guardian, FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki It gave insight into his creative process. The eternal question of high difficulty has also been asked. Miyazaki is convinced that more players will play his games if the difficulty level is lowered. However, he believes this would also limit the gaming experience:

If we really wanted the whole world to play our game (Elden Ring), we would simply lower the difficulty level. But this would not be the right approach.

Miyazaki is also convinced that the success of his games is due precisely to this difficulty. He believes an easier approach would be dangerous to the end game.

If we had taken that approach, I don't think this game would have been as successful. The satisfaction players feel from overcoming these difficult obstacles is an essential part of the experience. Making the game easier would also take away that fun, which would ruin the game in my opinion.

However, Elden Ring is more forgiving than previous FromSoftware games, such as the series Evil spirits. Miyazaki and the developers wanted to allow players to take time to breathe and appreciate the beauty of the world.

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My thoughts on difficulty in FromSoftware games

Like many of you, I've spent countless hours in FromSoftware's challenging but rewarding worlds. Miyazaki's handling of difficulty is more than just a design choice. It's a philosophy that resonates deeply with players, providing them with a unique experience where every victory and every defeat serves as a lesson. Although Elden Ring is more accessible, it maintains what makes FromSoftware games so special: the perfect blend of challenge, reward, and mastery. For me, it is this bold approach that will continue to attract and fascinate gamers around the world.

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