Electronic Arts canceled a 5-year-old project and limits Dragon Age 4 to a solo teller report

Harasses In 2015 without seeing any associated name, Gaia It was to be seen by Electronic Arts as an innovative new franchise, sponsored by Jade Raymond; The producer joined the US group in 2015 after being associated with the success of Ubisoft’s open world games. Six ans plus tard, au terme de chassés-croisés au sein des studios et d’une réévaluation en interne, le projet aura finalement été annulé – Jade Raymond avait de son côté quitté EA à l’automne 2018 pour chapeauter studios de Google Stadia les , Without success. On the public side, we only saw a few seconds of this project during EA Play Live 2020, a title that was described during the broadcast as’A new, highly ambitious and innovative game that puts strength and creativity in the player’s hand“.

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Still according to Jason Schreyer’s clumsiness, the project Gaia It would have undergone an initial overhaul under development that would have hastened its demise given the scope of the project. The author also recalls that the Quebec studio also witnessed an eventful presence, notably having to welcome some of the staff of BioWare Montreal, which closed in 2017 in the wake of the commercial and critical failure of Mass Effect Andromeda. Some Motive teams also had to work on Star Wars Battlefront II, released in the same year, which is the starting point for many internal tensions, which will see certain key elements leave Ubisoft, also located in Montreal. Motive has since completed development of Star Wars Squadrons, a smaller project that was completed last fall.

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On the Dragon Age 4 front, “some sources familiar with the matter” stated that EA was going to require the game to be unloaded from the multiplayer component of the project, to refocus its focus on single player, in light of the commercial success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (over 10 million Player of the Year 2019), but also crashed by Anthem’s failure, which undoubtedly demonstrated the limits of the model Game as a service In this specific case. If the project was officially announced in 2018, development of the next Dragon Age would begin in 2015, and it has already undergone an initial transformation when Creative Director Mike Laidlaw chose to leave BioWare due to a creative incompatibility, and conflict in particular, a willingness to include optional elements based on transactions. Small. Some members of the BioWare management team are said to have fought to bring back the upcoming Dragon Age focus on the solo, apparently with success.

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