Is Jean-Pierre Raffarin playing the game of peace … or the game of China?

He has worked for good relations between France and China for nearly twenty years. He even received from President Xi Jinping a “Medal of Friendship,” a distinction reserved for those close to the regime such as Vladimir Putin or Raul Castro. The interested party explains thatIt was recognized as a partner of China because it brought several thousand French companies there. “

We even find regularly – surprisingly – the former French Prime Minister (2002-2005) on a Chinese state television channel. He is the star guest of a “Grand Angle sur la Chine” program targeting French speakers.

Xi Jinping et son “Chinese leadership: full of wisdom ”

Offers guided tours of major Chinese cities, or praises sports facilities – but especially ‘Wise leadership’ President Xi Jinping. Leadership mr Xi Jinping is a powerful leader, in a great country where you naturally need the power to rule more than oneAnd 1 billion 400 Millions of people “, Advertise on China International French Television Network (CGTN-French).

Is the former prime minister playing for China and its authoritarian regime? “I play the peace game, He answers “further investigation.” So I make sure to preserve relationships. Politically, they don’t have the same values ​​at all as we do. They have neither the same history nor the same civilization. “

The former prime minister was reportedly warned about the dating

Will Jean-Pierre Raffarin be one of those who baptized the former French ambassador to China, Jean-Maurice Ripert, “of the French panda”? “The French people are fascinated by China, He explains, [mais] One can be fascinated by China, its history and culture, and in spite of it all, do not accept the appalling system imposed today politically on the Chinese. “

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Connections of those who argue with China “free man”In any case, the French intelligence services seem to be alarmed. In 2018, it was revealed The bound duck The former prime minister would have been warned over lunch from his aides …

Extract from “China, the Great Attack” document, which can be found in “Additional Investigation” on February 25, 2021.

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