Endgame leaked with boss fight, beware of loot

Amply in recent weeks, Resident Evil 8 Village has featured the news on several occasions. There was the game’s release date set for May 7, a playable demo on the PS5, and then the black book about Janet Moss, the actress who plays the daughters of Lady Dimitrisko. Today, Capcom’s title has again become the center of attention since the user decided to post the endgame to YouTube. Yes, it’s not more or less the boss’s last fight, which not only reveals her identity, but also her origins. We strongly advise you not to look at the video, but if you decide to do so, this is in your heart and conscience. The spoiler is really big and risks spoiling the surprise when the game hits PCs and consoles. It is reported that in November 2020, Capcom was attacked by a cyber attack by Ragnar Locker, which managed to recover many internal documents. The Japanese publisher has been asked for a ransom of $ 11 million to ensure that no content from any games coming in 2021 will reach the Internet. Capcom has always refused to pay and the Resident Evil 8 Village ending video appears to be the first vengeance from this group of thugs.

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