The Medium: Profitable Bloober Team in just 24 hours

With games like Layers of fearAnd the Observer et Blair Witch, Team Bloober Already known to players who love terrifying titles, But still a small Polish studio that didn’t have the budget to develop it AAA. So saying The Medium was his biggest project to date, but it quickly paid off.

As shown Team Bloober In a press release in Polish he quoted it Money.plAnd the He’s actually got paid by The Medium, pre-orders and game sales allowed him to turn a profit in just 24 hours and replenish funds., Included the development and marketing budget.

get out January 28 About Computers and Xbox Series X | s, Average With a scene en Marian, With powers that allow him to travel the world of spirits. In spite of Good grades, nothing moreThe title has already won by many playersAs a reminder, it can be switched on Xbox Game Pass, Against € 29.99 per quarter.

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