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Indestructible story, The Chinese RPG that splashed steam when it came in early access form in January has sold 1.8 million copies. Now, the team has announced that they have begun work English translation: Throughout the translation process, the team will ask for support from fans, who will be able to provide feedback via the dedicated Discord channel.

“They are very happy to see how much the community is interested,” the development team explains, and they also know how great the demand for the English version is, thus confirming the beginning of the localization process. “From next month, we will begin work on the English translation Presented by Tale of Immortal. For now, we ask that you wait until the work is completed. We have created a Discord channel that will ensure that one of our team members responds to error reports or urgent questions. We will publish updates on translation jobs through the channel. ”

The team explains it Translation was a priority from the beginning, But with millions of players active in the game, they had to prioritize cleaning up the game code for several weeks. You can find the official Tale of Immortal Discord channel To this address.

The Tale of Immortal is almost won 56,000 reviews on Steam, with a positive review rate of 89%. This Chinese game is one of the surprises of 2021, it has sold 5 million copies with Wolheim and it will never stop!

The Tale of Immortal will be translated into English

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