New State, the sequel to PUBG Mobile, surpasses 5 million brands

PUBG New State Big Landmark: PUBG Mobile’s latest release, PUBG New State, was already gaining popularity even before its launch, surpassing 5 million pre-registrations in just one week on the Google Play Store. Since the game’s advertisement was released by the game’s publisher Krafton, a South Korean company, the game’s craze has grown.

Thanks to our amazing community, we have reached over 5 million pre-registrations on Google Play in one week! We are thrilled to share more exclusive information soon, so follow social media and spread the word! # Pubgnewstate #pubgns #newstate, ” tweeted Game developers.

PUBG Studio developers released their trailer on February 25 and showcased new futuristic graphics and weapons for the game. Set in the year 2051, it is a sequel to the original PUBG game and you will be a fast-paced first person shooter with a battle royale mode. It will contain all new maps, weapons and drones.

With rumors already speculating about what the game will look like, developers have posted some screenshots of the game.

What’s new in PUBG: New State?

New Cards: The next version will contain completely new maps with players able to explore more regions.

Drones: Many mobile games do not allow you to use drones. But the new version of PUBG Mobile 2 will give you the option to use drones.

Futuristic weapons: While PUBG is already popular for collecting weapons, the new version is expected to contain “futuristic gadgets” and weapons that were considered specific in 2051. The cool new tools will include drones and deployable bunkers that will be part of the main game.

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Cross-platform compatibility: According to the leaks, the game will be cross-platform compatible. This means that the mobile player can play against the PlayStation / Xbox player or PC.

Battle royale: PUBG: New State will also maintain a Battle Royale mode where “100 survivors fight until only one player or team remains.”

How to download PUBG New State APK?

You can download this game from Play Store and Apple App Store upon release. So far, PUBG New State has not yet been released. You can only pre-register for PUBG New State

What is the release date of PUBG New State?

The scheduled release date for PUBG New State is the first week of April 2021.

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