Enter the matrix!

We were invited to a test session at Brand New EVA Room in Beauchamps in the Paris Region (95) To discover futuristic French technology and we had a great time!

First introduced at Paris Games Week 2019, the “space-free travel” or “ultra-fast roaming” that is the heart of EVA technology delivers on all its promises. We’ve seen it run at PGW 2019 before and the EVA reps we’ve met assure us that while it was very compelling at the time, it has improved a lot especially in content since then. Hideo Kojima predicted, once again, that in Metal Gear Solid 2, 20 years later, there’s a way to immerse yourself in virtual reality and evolve in a free and realistic way to train for combat and feel the impact. Tiredness, tension or stress is very reasonable.

The stadium is huge
A way to train to fight and feel tired, stressed or stressed in a very reliable way.

To get into this virtual world, you have to equip yourself with a light backpack made up of a computer that takes care of generating this universe and sending it to the VR headset you are wearing. For the fight, you’ll get an original EVA shotgun and will also be equipped with a super precise microphone and headphones built directly into the VR headset for added immersion. If the equipment needed is large, then make sure that it is not too cumbersome and you will get used to it very quickly.

Equipment is never too bulky

So intuitive that it’s also for beginners!

Let’s say it very clearly, all this technology and this substance works perfectly and the sensations are simply deceptive. No hardware aberration or connection lag didn’t bother our sessions, so technically it’s okay. So your mind will be fooled from the first to the last second of your game.

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I was able to do several sessions in recent days and quickly realized that the technology was completely adapted to beginners, not gamers. Think about it, what often complicates a video game for those who’ve never touched a console is the motion and camera management. If managing two joysticks independently using the right and left thumb is almost an extension of the hands of experienced players, then we must objectively say that it is not intuitive for laymen.

Excessive free roaming and virtual reality technology regulate all this, because the camera is the head of the players and will follow all their movements. As for the movements, just moving on the map will be enough. Thus, I was able to attend sessions with people who had never touched a video game and were doing very well in this virtual world. Eva even told us about the affection of a grandfather who in his 70s was able to play video games for the first time with his grandson.

To book your game at EVA, the website https://www.eva.gg/ It is also quite intuitive and will allow you to reserve your slot and the mode you want to operate in seconds. Note that EVA also offers BattlePass which allows you to play in any EVA room unlimited.

The EVA rooms also offer a coffee corner that allows you to dine while watching the matches played on the courtyards via televisions or directly through the windows overlooking these areas. All this enhances the cheerful side.

Beauchamp Cyber ​​Bar where you can drink, eat and watch the matches going on!
You will be so busy with your game that you may be sweating more than you need to.

In terms of content, we find a variety of different and varied modes and maps. There is a story mode to play with at least 4 players, a Team Deathmatch mode, a Zombie mode that can be played alone or with 8 players, a Domination mode where you have to capture a point on the map and a Single versus All mode. Several additional maps and modes are in development that we’ve had the chance to preview and the quality is there!

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Even if running is off-limits, at least for unsure players, you’ll get so caught up in your game that you risk sweating more than you should. Due to the hygienic context, additional disinfection measures are taken, and in addition to the sacred hydroalcolic gel, you will have to wear a mask under a mask on which a virtual reality headset will be placed, which will never be in direct contact with your skin. VR headsets and all equipment are disinfected after each game session. The heat from the equipment you’re wearing, your movements, and the stress from moving are all elements that will allow you to combine business with pleasure. The sports side of these gaming sessions.

Competition on the horizon!

Esport is also a priority for EVA with this technology and groups of confirmed players (who can run on the map) born all over France. EVA has shown us that matches between two different venues in different cities or countries are possible. To boost the competition, the ranking lists all the games in all the EVA rooms in France and Belgium and at the moment the EVA Chamber in Beauchamps holds all the records. You’ll probably be able to see my nickname among some of the best results since I’ve been able to do a few sessions with players like Jericho or Spooky who are today the best rated in France (and therefore in the world because this groundbreaking technology is French).

You will understand that EVA delivers technology that has been validated at all points by us and we take this opportunity to thank the entire EVA Chamber team at Beauchamp for the warm welcome they gave us. Ikonemi, for his part, was able to test the EVA room in Le Havre and had a great time too.

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