Mayor Senese Bans Selling Gadgets With ‘The Godfather’

No more selling stuff or gadgets with “The Godfather” or “Remember or Praise the Mafia”. This was foreseen by an order signed by the Mayor of Senesi (Palermo), Giangiacomo Palazzolo. Cinisi is the town of Peppino Impastato, who was murdered in 1978 by the mafia for openly attacking Cosa Nostra. “Given that the history of the Senese municipality was tragically marked by the terrible presence of the phenomenon of the mafia, understood as a presence in the territory of the criminal association and as an ancient mentality incompatible with the culture of legality” and that the decree states that “the salvation of society occurred through a gradual cultural change that linked the criminal structure to the margins of life” the social, economic and political of the country. And “it is believed, however, that even today, a perceptible danger still exists that the mafia subculture may find new life in actions, behaviors and attitudes that tend to create social conditions for the revitalization of the mafia phenomenon,” Mayor Palazzolo decided to ban the sale of items such as “The Godfather.” “.

“Recognizing that any kind of attitude, even mere indifference, towards the Mafia must be constantly and vigorously opposed, and encourages appropriate cultural, social and administrative initiatives to eradicate the pernicious capacity of the mafia phenomenon at its root—the judgment reads—considering that there are thousands of visitors in Cincinnati each general from all over the world, and many of them go to the region in order to pay homage to the extraordinary story of Peppino Impastato, an anti-mafia hero who in a certain way contributed not only to the cultural change of Senesi, but also to the entire national territory” and “having admitted that, Today, Senesi is seen as the country of Sicilian salvation in the fight against the mafia thanks to a society that has constantly been able to oppose the bullying of criminal gangs “,” found that in all the territory of Sicily there are shamefully present “trade lines” products such as souvenirs and tools, where they are The character of the mafia or the phenomenon of the mafia, sometimes indirectly and politely, sometimes explicitly, is mythical or glorified It is recognized that the above activity must be considered, even in the premise that does not integrate the case into the point of the crime , they are dangerous because they feed a subculture of the mafia, which unfortunately still exists in certain layers of society, as confirmed, among other things, by the recent police operation conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, disturbing public order and security “, the decision of the decree.

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Selling these gadgets to Palazzolo “harms the Cinisense community, which has been working for years to spread a culture of legality and in contrast to the Mafia.” He therefore “orders a ban on the territory of the municipality of Senese for the sale of any kind of thing, souvenir, or paraphernalia that praises or simply ‘in positive terms’, in any way, refers to the mafia and organized crime in general.” “Failure to comply with this decree is punishable by a financial administrative penalty ranging from €100 to €500.”

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