Environmentally friendly gadgets in the fast food menu

“Oh, I saw my mom, it’s a story… She’s going to read it to me tonight, she says? But little Shana, 6, doesn’t hide her disappointment. I prefer the figurines but there’s nothing left of her. Her mom tries to think with her: ‘And I find it good So, it’s smarter, and on top of that, it won’t end up in the trash at the end of the meal with the rest of your burger.”

And this is indeed the goal of the respective brands, whether it is McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC or Kwik, in Limoges as elsewhere, they have for several months been anticipating the implementation of the February 10, 2020 anti-waste law and the circular economy requires them to replace the plastic “surprises”. with others more respectful of the planet.

For about a year, the American giant McDonald’s has also taken a step forward, responding positively to a petition launched in the summer of 2019 by two young British sisters, Ella and Caitlin McEwan, aged nine and seven respectively at the time, asking him to. To remove small plastic utensils from Happy Meals. Burger King also wondered about the same thing with the “King Box”.

It was the year

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“We’ve had a zero-plastic policy for about a year,” confirms Ibrahim, deputy director of McDo de Beaubreuil. We offer cardboard toys as building toys and the kids interact fairly well,” he notes.

“They don’t leave them on the table and that’s a sign! There, as with their competitors, they change traits every four to six weeks.

Lots of books, games and activities

“That’s right, it changes all the time,” confirms Matthew from KFC not far away. Right now, we’re putting books with lots of games and activities in the kid’s boxes.” Just to spice up the meal on the spot or at home.” Everything has evolved since last summer and it’s not over yet…”

Bashar, who works under La Coupole, is a regular here. He regularly invites his little brother there. “At first, he complained a little because reading was not his thing, and after that, he had nothing to fiddle with on the table! Now that he is older and starts reading, we don’t hear it anymore…” In short, besides being environmentally friendly -Measurement provides a healthy profession.

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