Epic Games Store: Dust Off New Free Game!

Long live the king? No, he died while you were hunting down killers! On the Epic Games Store, you can remove “For The King” for free.

W.Every week, PC owners uninstall at least one new game in the Epic Games Store on Thursdays. Also on February 4, 2021, the free title “For The King” is pre-selected. But that’s not all: with “Metro – Last Light Redux”, the download platform surprisingly achieves yet another success in the basket – in the truest sense of the word!

Fight mutations

Because in a first-person shooter developed by 4A Games, there’s a big accident! The initial state of the story looks similar to what happened in the past, “Metro 2033”: after a nuclear war, the Earth’s surface became polluted, mutated, and unfit for human habitation. Disgusting animals crawl and flash everywhere: mutant spiders, beetles, and insects make your life permanent torment and danger. 40,000 people barricade themselves in winding underground lanes and stations in Moscow. Numerous groups form and fight for survival – and you’re in the middle! An oppressive beautiful shooter not to be missed! Graphically, baller-bang released in 2016 knows how to please. Because “Redux” is essentially the completely technically redesigned version of “Metro – Last Light” (2013). Until February 11 (4:59 PM), you can grab the title for free on the Epic Games Store!

Three heroes are chasing the killer king

The week’s second free title is more relaxing and tactical – but no less exciting: Chaos reigns in the Fehrule Empire – The Mysterious Death of the King occupies, among other things, an unknown trio of heroes, whom you control freely through the world. Great: If you like, two friends can slide into your fellow campaigner roles with the multiplayer option. In your invasions, you will encounter prolific monsters, fight bad mages and dig in various goblin dungeons. In small towns you carry out quests (missions), buy equipment from the merchant and upgrade your health. Personality traits can also be improved – with wishing wells that you come across from time to time.

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The best computer games

Most importantly: the world that reminds us of the gamepad is not permanently programmed. With each restart, new landscapes are introduced, which the program creates automatically and randomly (created procedureally). You must not miss the successful combination of strategy and backgammon. You have until February 11, 2021 (4:59 PM) to download.

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