Pollutant awareness mobile game

For 14 years, the Association for the Preservation of the Environment Siso Raises awareness, informs and advises on water issues. With this in mind, Ceseau launched a mobile app, AquastellarTo increase awareness of indoor pollutants in the home and the relationship they have with our health and our environment.

This application aims for children between the ages of 12 and 25 years to be fun and informative while providing the keys to adopting good measures to preserve the planet The game is designed in an environmentally friendly way as part of our actions in health and the environment, and the game was produced in cooperation with researchers from Purdue Montaigne University, Specialists in serious games.

Take off on the Aquastellar submarine!

Earth as you knew it before no longer exists. Human beings have rethought their way of life and are now forced to live underwater. Trapped in a submarine of limited capabilities with all of your crew, your goal will be to reach Asteria, the protected city, the only permanently habitable place. But will you be able to survive until then? Will you be able to maintain balance on your ship for the duration of the expedition? May fate be favorable to you! A fictional story in a closed environment, intended to be a mirror to our daily life that sheds light on household activities such as cleaning, healthcare, food, crafts, or gardening … The aim of the game? Manage access to the protected city while keeping the four metrics in balance: environment, health, well-being and money.

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This application is available on all stores for free.

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