Escape from Tarkov: Neue Twitch-Drops zu Halloween

Escape from Tarkov will be especially scary this Halloween 2021! Source: Battlestate Games

Meanwhile, Halloween is a well-established event program in many games. This year too, there are several special campaigns on the scary day from Ireland around the corner. As if Escap from Tarkov wasn’t terrifying enough already, the hardcore FPS from Battlestate Games will also feature very special surprises this year.

On Halloween night on October 31, 2021, something very scary will happen in Escape from Tarkov starting at 10 PM. This is what the Russian development studio is referring to with a new photorealistic video where PMC finds a red lab key card in a dark wall next to a burning candle on the floor. There are currently no further indications of what will happen live in the game.

Lottery and Twitch drops

However, we already know more about the EfT Halloween 2021 campaign, which is taking place outside the realm of raids. So shoot a video of yourself in EfT Halloween style and post it on TikTok under the hashtag #TarkovHalloween to participate in the raffle. The 3 most viewed videos must be rewarded by November 5, 2021. Only the prices themselves are currently unknown.

In addition to this, the popular Escape from Tarkov Twitch drops are also returning. During the in-game event, there should also be small rewards when watching via the streaming platform. If you watch Escape from Tarkov Streams during the said time, you can get a special pumpkin helmet as well as an especially scary mask as a drop. So it is worth switching!

Tweet embed## TarkovHalloween ##Halloween ## Escape from Markov ## pobegiztarkova ## Twitchdrops Take part in the raid on October 31 at 11PM MSK and have a Halloween party during the event Keep watching Tarkov’s Escape on all Twitch Streamers channels to get a pumpkin helmet or spooky mask as a drop Make a video and post it with #Tar#kovhalloweenhtag. Get your top 3 most watched videos to win prizes until November 5th♬ Original soundtrack – Escape from Tarkov

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