A blind student has her computer stolen, and the online jackpot has been launched

Lyon’s 21-year-old student, Darren, is blind, whose laptop was stolen last Thursday, progress reports. A theft aroused great passion in the capital of Gaul.

Darren, who is studying law, was at the level of a gilottier and was having a drink with friends. It was enough that she was absent for a moment, at the time of payment within the establishment, to have her bag stolen from her. Inside are his papers, crutch and computer in Braille containing all his lessons.

University students tried to find the thief, on the banks of the Rhone, but to no avail.

She appealed to her brother on social media. And in contact with our colleagues, he explained to them: “Beyond the pain that a person can experience in such circumstances, it is a real psychological trauma to her. When she does not see, it is three times more. Focus efforts, work … It is a new organization Fully. We need more motivation, strength and courage.”

A single computer will cost approximately 7000 euros. Online Jackpot It was started by the students. They want to help Darren buy a computer “so that this unfortunate adventure does not end with her forcibly dropping out of her studies.”

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